The Fastest & Easiest Way For Creating Your Own VIP CLUB And Get Customers to come back more often And Spending More Each Time.

Future proof your business by building a marketing channel that YOU own.
Easily Send SMS ◘ Create your own VIP Club ◘ Grow your revenue 
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  • Increase your revenue
  • Increase customer loyalty
  • Boost Brand awareness
  • Powerful, easy to use software
  • We are always available for you
  • No Contracts. No Hidden Fees.

Imagine sending a text… and a short time later, customers start placing orders!

The BIGGEST COMPANIES in the world use a VIP CLUB and why YOU SHOULD TOO!
This SMS Solution Drives Sales, Orders, Takeout Orders, New Leads, Appointments,...And More and on Demand and EACH MONTH!
without breaking the bank or spending hours on social media.
 It Beats All Your Other Marketing Efforts... 
Here Is How Easy It Is And How It Work 
You offer a freebie or small discount encouraging customers to join your “VIP Club” by texting a keyword to a phone number or signing up on your website. 
Everyone that joins immediately receives a text message with a unique code to claim the offer.
Those valued customers are added to your permission based SMS marketing list.
Click once, Generate hundreds of new recurring sales!

Not only do we set up all your automated campaigns and provide you with all the marketing materials, we also help you build a large customer list that is looking forward to receiving your promotion.
SMS Marketing Solutions Customer Marketing System Is The Appropriate Way To Reach Your Clients And Get An Instant Response.

Use the power of technology to build your presence into the market a brand that stands the test of time. Imagine sending a personalized text message and see customers browse and order into your webshop or walk in your door like never before.

One of the benefits of the wide development of analytics and using psychology and big data into business is that it allows us to speak the language of our clients and be there for them, when they need us, and how they need us. With the high costs social media brought this past year, traditional marketing like cold calling and sms texting remains very affordable and brings a great return on your investment. All this by using the power and current developments of technology in all business areas.

Our solution is a cutting edge technology, easy to use and implement to bring your business that personal touch you always committed to offer to your clients. How you use it, can transform into the best competitive advantage you always had.

Why SMS Marketing Solutions Beats All Your Other Marketing Efforts Combined

● SMSes are 100% Deliverable to all types of cells, regardless of Mobile Data coverage or personal settings!
● SMSes have a massive Open Rate up to 98%. By comparison, Emails have less than 20%!!
● It is proven SMSes have a 209% Higher Response Rate than phone, email, or social media;
● SMS promo campaigns perform 7 Times Better than the best email campaigns.
● 90% of SMSes are READ within 3 minutes from receiving;
● Clients redeem SMS-delivered vouchers 10 Times More than other types of promotional coupons.

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SMS Marketing Solutions is the most rewarding, easiest and fastest way to bring customers back to your business more often and an indispensable tool for local businesses to generate continuous revenue, more and more with each visit of every customer.

Every local business relies on the loyal customers from the local vicinity but the most common problem most of these businesses face is the lack of solutions to contact proactively their customers for informing, marketing, promoting or any other reason.

But what if you could get the word out and instantly reach your customers whenever needed?
Loyalty is bringing clients back to your business more often and spending more each time.

Try it out today!

Easily Send SMS ◘ Create your own VIP Club ◘ Grow your revenue 

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